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Related article: Date: Fri, 12 May 2000 11:07:49 PDT
From: dawn cote
Subject: changing my job, changing my preference ff lesbian my name is dawn. i'm 27 years old and have been living in las vegas for
2 years. originally from massachusetts, i moved out here with my boyfriend
and we both became blackjack dealers and after a few months at a dump
learning our craft, we both landed decent paying jobs at different places.
we got along great even talking marriage but around new years we both knew
it wouldnt last and he left to move back east. i kept the apartment and just
went on with my life. after my boyfriend left, i was kind of in a trance. i went to work,
went out with friends but i was'nt happy. work started to really get to me,
people calling me a bitch when they lost a $5 bet, smoke in my face, etc. i
had enough. i gave my 2 weeks notice and figured i could land a cocktail job
or something quick. i answered an add for a cocktail position top model at one of the
many adult clubs in town. this club was nude and only served non-alcoholic
drinks. i went down to apply and was asked when i cherry teen models
could start. i started
that friday, wearing the sleevless tux shirt, black mini-skirt and the
purple bow tie. i had fun my first night, guys were in good moods watching young girls
spread in front change management models of them for a dollar. my co-workers were friendly,
especially another cocktail girl named ann. we hit it off right away and
went for a drink after our shift. ann filled me in on the adult club scene.
she told me to get used to getting hit on from customers and dancers. i was
a little shocked when she said dancers would hit on the cocktail staff. ann
said nearly all of the dancers have had lesbian experiences and the ones who
had never done it had'nt been there long enough. ann told me that she had
been been with two dancers although she preferred men. we had alot in
common, both of us were single, in our twenties, and relatively carefree. i
couldnt believe how open ann was. after a week at the club, we were buddies.
we talked on the phone, partied and shopped together. one morning i called
ann to see if she wanted to go workout. she said she could'nt because upskirts modelspics
had wild sex all night long. when i asked her if i knew the guy, she told me
i might know her from the club. we chatted for a while and she told me that
she was tired of bullshit from men and enjoyed the company of woman. she
said the sex was great too. ann even mentioned that a dancer had been eyeing
me. i was surprised and told ann to tell me who it was. ann refused to tell
me dee desi models and said she had to get some sleep. after hanging up with ann, i was very intrigued that i was being eyed
by another woman. i had fooled around a little with a woman modelindonesia but had never
actually licked pussy. once in college at a party, i found myself alone with
a girl who hit on me. we frenched kissed and she fingered my clit until i
had a powerful orgasm. the next day, i blamed it on the alcohol. i never
told anybody about it until now. another time in college, me and two friends
were watching a porno movie and splitting a bottle of wine. one of my
friends started to imitate the girls in the movie, rubbing her box through
her shorts and touching her breasts through her shirt. i chanted go girl go
and she started to strip down to her panties. soon the three of us were in
panties only, preeteen modelling drunk and watching a porn movie where a girl was masturbating.
i started to touch myself along with the other two and we each had an
orgasm. the movie ended and we went to our rooms to sleep it off. one of the
girls named carrie shared a room with me. she changed and quickly went to
sleep. i had other ideas. carrie was really pretty and the purple panty she
had just been wearing while fingering herself was in the middle of the room.
i seized the oppurtunity and took them to the downstairs bathroom. i
stripped and sat on the john. i took the crotch of carrie's panty and
brought it to my face. i took in the light scent of her box. it was
wonderful and as i licked and kissed it, i rubbed my clit and had a very
powerful orgasm. i did this off and on for a few weeks. that was the extent
of my lesbian training. anyway, after learning that i was being eyed by the same sex, i looked
for my model breast magzine ex-boyfriends magazines he used to beat off to. i looked through them
and began to get wet looking at beautiful young women.
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